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Twitter Blue Tick Feature Is Coming Back! Here are the details

Popular social media platform twitter suspended with a statement he made a short time ago. Blue Tick announced that it will re-enable the feature. It will be available early next year with the new upcoming verification process. This feature, which has been announced to be brought back, will belong to a certain user group as it used to be. Details about the Twitter Blue Tick feature..

Twitter Blue Tick feature is coming back

Twitter, suspended about 3 years ago with the statement made the other day. Blue Tick announced that the feature will be available in its new form at the beginning of 2021. The verification system in the new system will also be integrated with some kind of feedback method. Announcement made by the company, application researcher in June Manchun Wong’s He also showed us that the company’s report, which suggests that it has created a new verification system, is correct.

Accounts eligible for verification include government accounts, companies, brands, nonprofits, media outlets, entertainment, sports, activists, organizers, and your twitter Those he thinks have an impact on society will benefit from it. to the draft from here of the particularly relevant policy that you can access on 17 December pending publication.

Apart from this, it will be possible to remove the existing tick from any account that has been verified or will be newly verified. If a verified user changes their name or bio to mislead people about their true identity Twitter, tiki can get. The company will do this by binding the terms of service with a violation.

What do you think about the blue tick feature that will be brought back? You can share your thoughts on the subject by commenting below.

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