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Twitter Dislike Feature Coming! Here are the details

It turned out that Twitter, one of the popular social media platforms, has been working on a feature that has been expected for a while. According to the Twitter product leader, the new feature is not among the company’s priorities. Twitter dislike feature is coming.

We recently introduced the Stories feature on Instagram with a novelty. ‘Fleets’ social media giant twitteris working on new features to satisfy its users. According to a post by Twitter product lead Kayvon Beykpour, the company has launched the platform. ‘I do not like’ button, but this new feature is not among the company’s immediate priorities.

‘I don’t like’ option “Something we are investigating” Beykpour described the company’s priorities as unrealistic in his response to security expert Jackie Singh’s tweet. perception operations reduce the spread harassment and reporting to improve the relevant user experience and that may have detrimental effects on users. wrong information stated to reduce.

Twitter Dislike Feature Coming! New Developments

Active Twitter users harassment and misinformation they know you’re working overtime to prevent it from spreading. Priority company is developing many new features aimed at solving these two main problems. some of which were shared recently by US President Donald Trump. More than 300,000 tweets tagged it as misinformation. This shows us how seriously the company is trying to prevent misinformation.

In addition to all these, if we go back to the ‘I don’t like’ feature, Twitter’s Android and iOS versions, this option has actually been available for a while, but it is not directly next to the number of likes and algorithm affecting.

Twitter’s ‘I don’t like’ feature, which has recently accelerated new features What time It is not yet known when it will be published. So what do you think about this feature? You can share your thoughts with us by commenting below.

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