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Twitter Negative Vote Feature Arrived!

The popular platform Twitter has introduced a new feature to its users. According to new information, Twitter has a negative vote feature.

Twitter Negative Vote Feature Arrived!

Twitter, one of the most preferred social media platforms, to ensure user safety.Negative Vote” feature. This is not the first time that the feature comes to the platform, which previously only had a like button. Because the platform brought the same feature in the US election time before. if currently Russia–Ukraine The feature, which is thought to be related to the war, is welcomed by some users. However, some users do not think positively about the feature.

Thanks to the new feature, users who share offensive content will be detected. Detected users will be investigated first. Irrelevant replies and offensive content will then be flagged. Finally, negative voted tweets will not be shared with other users and the tweet author.

As with every incoming feature, in this feature, users are divided into two parties. Some of the users say that after this feature, social media has a difference with traditional media. They also state that such censors are not correct. According to Twitter, the reason for this was explained as follows: “Feedback will help highlight higher quality content to its users.”

So what do you think about this feature? Also, do you use the Twitter platform? In addition, you can share your thoughts with us and other readers by commenting below.

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