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Twitter Now Allows 4K Video Sharing!

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms of recent times. It continues to ensure the satisfaction of users with its frequent innovations. Thanks to the new update announced, the application is now on the mobile platform. 4K It will allow image sharing. Twitter Now Allows 4K Video Sharing!

Twitter Now Allows 4K Video Sharing!

The app in question has previously posted resolutions on Twitter. 2048×2048 limited to pixels. But now Twitter is for smartphone app. 4K video support activated it. This feature was already active in the web application of the platform. But now it is available for use on mobile devices as well. YS official announcement of the new feature in question Twitter Support made through his account.

How to activate this feature?

Twitter 4K you can follow these steps to enable the image feature and activate the feature;

  • First, open the Twitter app on your smartphone.
  • After opening the application Settings and Privacy Click on the section.
  • After selecting the Settings section General under the category data usage Tap .
  • After tapping the data usage option, pictures The option for high quality image uploads in the category will be activated. In this way, you can now upload images with 4K resolution. Internet access to install Wi-Fi or mobile data You can set as.

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