Twitter Now Lets You Share Tweets To Instagram Stories?

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People take screenshots of their tweets and post them as Instagram stories forever. Twitter has made it easier for iOS users by adding the sharing feature to Instagram stories.

The feature is currently only available for iOS. So if you have an iPhone, here’s how to share tweets to Instagram stories.

How to Share Twitter Posts on Instagram

you want to share to tweet and then ‘ share Tap the ‘ icon. Now ” Instagram Stories Tap what InstagramYou will be redirected to and tweet It will appear as a screenshot in story mode.

11858 technical support

You can resize, add a position or filter. You can also share them separately with your friends if you want.

Twitter Wants You Back!

Last year, as the company reported ‘slow user growth’ twitter‘s shares fell 14%. An Edison and Triton study found that Facebook users 58%Compared to , participants only 16%of the on tweetHe showed that he used r.

All things considered, Twitter, Twitter Spaces adding new features like and now directly Instagram Reels tweets Trying to get feedback and be relevant by sharing with .

twitter has recently taken an intensely political color in some parts of the world. Trump in the USA was in a stalemate with his administration and the current Indian government and twitter The case is not hidden from anyone.

That said, these new features are a welcome move and twitter It is a unique platform in itself. Over time it has become well-polished and intuitive. Adding more features only contributes to the improvement of the platform.

Instagram in their stories tweet While sharing is not a big deal, adding a custom shortcut saves some time.

To get support on the subject 11858You can call .

You can call 11858 to get support on the subject.


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