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Twitter Sharing Feature Coming for Android!

Twitter sharing for Android feature is coming. We will be able to send Tweets inside the application, which has millions of users and is very popular, outside the application with the sharing buttons. This feature, which is new to Android, was previously available to iOS users. Now, Android users will be able to use this simple but effective feature.

Twitter brings sharing feature for Android

Twitter, where millions of people spend time on the application, is now required to provide access outside the application. Twitter had begun to experiment with more accessible and shareable options. In August, it launched the new “Share” feature for iOS users.

With this new feature, they can share their favorite posts with people from different applications. The most important point in this regard is to be able to send shares via Whatsapp to people who do not use Twitter.

Realizing the potential traffic power of the sharing feature, Twitter rolled up its sleeves to bring this feature to Android after iOS. Twitter will make this feature available as soon as possible. Twitter sharing feature for Android It is aimed to reach more people with the sharing.

There are some negative thoughts about this feature. While there is no issue with the feature’s arrival, the late arrival of this feature is annoying. The fact that the sharing feature first came to iOS and has not yet come to Android has bothered Android users.

What do you think about this feature? You can evaluate the sharing feature of Twitter for Android by commenting at the bottom.

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