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Twitter Tests New Emoji Responses! Here are the details

Popular social media platforms are introducing new features every day. We are constantly seeing innovations on Instagram and Facebook. Now Twitter is working on a new feature. Twitter Tests New Emoji Responses! Here are the details

Twitter Tests New Emoji Responses! Here are the details

According to the news, Twitter is planning to add Facebook-like emojis to the like button. While the like button is normally limited to the heart, it may be supported by different reaction buttons in the coming days. In addition, many users are in favor of the introduction of such a feature.

Emojis tested by Twitter have been on Facebook since 2016. But after all this time, Twitter will also offer various similar emojis to users. According to the leaked information, the “laugh” and “sad” buttons look exactly like the ones on Facebook. In addition, the company is considering adding different emojis to the platform apart from the emojis on Facebook.

It is seen that the “angry” emoji is not included in the leaked news. Many people seriously question the reason for this. In addition, the feature in question is in the testing phase. In other words, “angry” or different emojis may be included in the feature in the future. More details on this subject are likely to emerge in the coming days.

Social media platforms have been adding new features by bringing frequent updates lately. Twitter has also started adding new features alongside its competitors. Tip box and blue tick validation are examples of this.

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