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Twitter Tip Box Feature Launched!

A statement was made about Twitter, one of the popular social media platforms, last week. Jane Manchun Wong your twitter Tip Jar (Tip Box) announced that it is testing the feature. In addition, Twitter has stated that it has activated the feature for some accounts today. Twitter Tip Box feature!

Twitter Tip Box feature launched

The Tip Box feature, which was highly anticipated by the users of the platform, has finally been activated. However, this feature is offered to some users. In addition, there is information that it is available for iOS and Android users. While the said feature is not present in the Twitter web version, it is thought to be activated soon.

Nonprofits, journalists, experts and content creators The Tip Box feature, which is limited to The English It can be seen by people using the language option. It is thought that this feature, called the tip box, will be activated for other language options in the near future.

People with the feature active will have a money icon next to the follow button. It is possible to tip by clicking on this icon. Also for tipping Bandcamp, Cash App, Patreon, PayPal and Venmo There are payment methods.

Users in Turkey cannot pay with Paypal. In this regard, it remains unknown whether the company will add any alternative payment methods. So what do you think about this step taken and the new feature? You can express your thoughts by commenting below.

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