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Twitter TweetDeck Renewed! Here are the details

Popular social media platform Twitter announced yesterday that it has renewed TweetDeck. TweetDeck Thanks to this, users can easily manage their Twitter accounts or multiple accounts. Twitter users, who received the news that it will be renewed, were happy with this news. Twitter TweetDeck Renewed! Here are the details

Twitter TweetDeck Renewed! Here are the details

The TweetDeck in question was not active when the platform was first established. However, it is being developed independently in the future. In this way, it managed to attract the attention of the platform. After Twitter got TweetDeck 140 characters unfortunately brought the limit to TweetDeck as well. However, it continues to be an interface that users cannot give up on account management.

Head of Consumer Products at Twitter Kayvon Bekpour, March per month The Verge Had an interview with him. In the interview in question, Twitter TweetDeck’I have not forgotten and that the company “from scratchHe stated that he is working on a refresh. Also yesterday twitteris posting an image of the revamped interface. of your image USA, Canada and Australiafrom “randomly chosen” adds the information that it represents a preview that has been tested with several people. Moreover TweetDeck It is actively used by many companies and organizations. TweetDeckcan present streams to users as columns. In addition, many parts can be seen without any problems on a single page.

Users who want to use the renewed version of TweetDeck can use it whenever they want. All users have to do is to TweetDeck. to the site go to a blank part of the pageRight Click” and “Review“To choose. From the developer window that opens on the right, “Console“Come to and document.cookie = “tweetdeck_version=beta” Paste the code (including the double quotes) EnterPressing .. After refreshing the page, TweetDeck’s updated version they can use. However, if users want to revert to their previous state, they must follow the same paths and re-enter “Console” and document.cookie = “tweetdeck_version=main” They should paste the code and press enter. After refreshing the page, they can continue to use TweetDeck in its current form.

So what do you think about this subject? Do you use the Twitter platform? You can express your thoughts by commenting below.

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