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Twitter’s New Feature Has Been Announced! That Expected Feature

Twitter recently said that it will activate the tip feature. It continues to stay on the agenda with a new feature announcement. Jane Machung Wong Developed by the Twitter-owned company subscription service Information about the details leaked. Twitter’s New Feature Has Been Announced! That Expected Feature

Twitter’s New Feature Has Been Announced! That Expected Feature

Jane Manchun Wong said that they will release the new feature called Twitter Blue, the subscription system. In addition, the subscription system in question is monthly. $2.99 It will have a price tag. Subscription benefits include Tweet undo and Tweet collections features are included.

Wong’s Twitter tier subscription system He talked about working on it. In addition, the company will add the features it will add according to the fee scale. The company, which has come to the fore with the new features it has recently introduced, recently bought the company called Scroll.

Scroll per month 5 dollars offers the service of removing the ads of the websites in the system with a fee. It has been announced that the service, which e-mails the remarkable topics on Twitter in the Scroll after the purchase, has been stopped.

According to the first quarter 2021 report presented last month, Twitter generated approximately $1.04 billion in revenue. 68 million dollars earned profit. The company plans to earn more with its new subscription and tip features. However, there is no clear information about when the company will activate its new features.

So what do you think about this issue? Are you considering using the features that are planned to be introduced? You can share your views and thoughts with us and our readers by commenting below.

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