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User Imitating Hadise in Clubhouse Made a Sound

An interesting event took place last night at Clubhouse, one of the most talked about social media platforms of recent months. A user registered on the platform under the name Hadise and cheated thousands of people by imitating her. User Imitating Hadise in Clubhouse!

Clubhouse, which has recently increased its popularity and is only supported by the iOS operating system, continues to be talked about. The app has been downloaded more than 8 million times. Many of the artists contacted their fans using this application. However, although Hadise does not have an account on the platform, a woman took her place by imitating her voice.

User Imitating Hadise in Clubhouse

Self event introducing a clubhouse The user got himself in big trouble. The young woman who put a photo of Hadise on her profile and changed her voice achieved her goal. For minutes, she tricked and chatted with thousands of people. She even sang to other users in the room. While Hadise’s enjoyable broadcast is among the trends in social media; The artist shared a story on his official Instagram account.

event never announced to his followers. clubhouse He stated that he did not apply. He also stated that the user last night was an individual imitating him. He also announced that he would take the woman who deceived thousands of people as if she were herself, with the following words:

Last night, an account opened with my name on Clubhouse, a platform that I have never been in, imitated my voice and talked to people as if it were me. He chatted and even sang. I want it to be known that we will start legal proceedings on the subject on Monday.

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