Using Back Tap on iOS 14 and Higher iOS Versions

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In this article iOS 14 and over iOS in versions Back Tap We will give detailed information about its use.

iOS 14 and over iOS One of the most beautiful features in the versions; to perform an action iPhoneIt is the ability to double or triple tap the back of . This feature Accessibility in settings Touch from the menu; you can set the desired actions (actions) for both double and triple tap.

But in addition to the preset actions provided by iOS, you can also add any of the actions you want. iOS 14 and over iOS offered with versions Back Tap thanks to its feature; You may want to create a shortcut for actions that you can perform with a few taps on the back of your phone.

For a long time on some Android phones, you can use the camera app to open it. Back Tap There is some kind of shortcut. This feature has many iPhone Something its user has wanted for a while. Now, Shortcuts and iOS 14 that comes with Back Tap thanks to its feature; iPhoneYou can create this type of functionality in your .

Request, iOS 14 and above iOS version installed iPhone‘in; Back Tap with a feature Camera (Camera) What you need to do to create the shortcut!

Add Camera Open Shortcut with Double Tap Accessibility Feature

  • iPhonein your Shortcuts Open the app.
  • in the upper right corner + (plus) Tap the button.
  • On the incoming screen Add Action Tap the menu.

  • Tap the search bar (box).
  • Open App type and search.
  • From search results Open App (Open App) Tap .

11858 technical support
  • On the incoming screen Choose (Choose) Tap .
  • In the drop-down list Camera (Camera) Tap .
  • Later on, Next Tap the menu.

  • Enter a name for the shortcut you will create.
  • Later on Done (Done) Tap the menu.

You have successfully created the shortcut. Now, double or triple tap on the back of your phone to set the following settings for the camera:

  • iPhonein your Settings Open the app.
  • Accessibility Tap the menu.
  • On the incoming screen, Touch Tap the menu.

  • Scroll down the screen and Back Tap Tap the menu.
  • On the next screen Double Tap or Triple Tap Tap .
  • Scroll down the incoming screen and tap the name of the shortcut you just created.

That is all! By tapping the back of your phone two or three times; iPhoneNo matter what screen (app) you are on in your , you will be able to launch the camera. After assigning the shortcut to open the application by touching the back of your phone; for this shortcut to work properly Shortcuts You may need to open the app again.

In this article iOS 14 and over iOS in versions Back Tap We have given detailed information about its use.

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11858 technical support

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