Using Vanish Mode in Messenger

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In this article Messenger‘in Vanish Mod We will provide detailed information about its use.

Vanish Mode, MessengerIt is a feature that allows you to send disappearing messages to your friends (after a certain period of time) on .

a friend of yours, Vanish ModeWhen you close the chat after seeing the message you sent on ; The message you sent will automatically disappear.

any Messenger chat, by swiping up Vanish ModeYou can access .

Using Vanish Mode in Messenger

Over the past decade, more and more social media users; to send posts and messages that disappear after a certain time Snapchat and Instagram It was observed that applications such as Whether it’s images that disappear in just a few seconds, or those that disappear in just a day. Stories never mind; social media users, disappearing messages They like the privilege and privacy offered by the feature.

Messengerin Vanish Mode There is a feature for that too. messengerin Vanish Modeis a feature that works the same as what you use on other social media platforms.

Vanish Mode You can find out how the feature works and how to use it in the continuation of our article!

What is the Vanish Mode Feature in Messenger?

Vanish Mode, Messenger It is a feature that allows you to send messages (which disappear after a certain period of time) to everyone you chat with in the application. These messages last until the receiver on the other end reads them, and then they disappear. It’s a great way to send a quick message without clogging up the conversation.

You or the friend you are chatting with, Vanish Modu (Vanish Mode) when you take a screenshot of the chat; A warning message is shown to both users that a screenshot has been taken. Vanish Mode when you want to report a chat feature; messages will be added to the report only one hour after they are seen.

Vanish Mode feature is turned off by default; so one for you Vanish Modu (Vanish Mode) sends the message; your own chat before viewing the other person’s messages. Vanish ModeYou need to pass it to .

11858 technical support

How Can You Use Vanish Mode in Messenger?

Vanish Mode’to use flour; iPhone or Android on your phone Facebook‘Fame Messenger application must be installed.

  • iPhone or Android on your phone Messenger Open the app. Then open a conversation you’ve already started with someone or start a new one. Vanish Mode does not work in group chats; therefore, it should be a one-on-one (one-to-one) meeting.
  • Messenger After opening the app, swipe up from the bottom of the screen. Vanish Mode You will see a message stating that you need to swipe your finger across the screen. Keep dragging your finger across the screen until the circle icon is completely filled.

  • Your current chat will disappear and be replaced by an empty Vanish Mode will get the screen. If you are enabling this feature for the first time; Vanish Mode A window will open with some information about

  • Vanish Mode screen, you can send a message or a photo just as you would in a normal chat. The message or photo you sent; it is not deleted until the other recipient sees your message and then closes the chat.

at the top of the screen Vanish Mod Turn Off Vanish Mode by touching; or swiping your finger up from the bottom of the screen again Vanish ModeYou can exit from.

In this article Messenger‘in Vanish Mod We have given detailed information about its use. You can send us your questions and comments on the subject in the comments section below.

11858 technical support

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