Vintage Clothing Venues in Taksim

It includes vintage clothes, products that have always been popular, and pieces that can adapt to every moment and can be used in many venues from weddings to concerts. Especially the pieces preferred by people who have lost their minds in the past are found in vintage stores. In order to keep the spirit of such a great mosaic alive, there are many vintage clothing stores in Taksim, Istanbul; because Taksim and Beyoğlu have a patterned, mixed and colorful presence just like the vintage spirit. In this sense, the best stores, second-hand products and boutique shops are located in Taksim.

Vintage Clothing Stores in Taksim

  1. By Retro: By Retro is located in the Syrian Passage on the right as you descend from Istiklal Street towards Tünel. The clothes of many period TV series are also available in this store. By Retro has introduced itself with the increase of old-time series; therefore, consumers who want to have clothes used in TV series can visit this store.
  2. Pied de Poule: Pied de Poule, one of the vintage shops hidden in Çukurcuma, is a place that has shown its name in national publications and fashion programs. Especially the hat collection is worth seeing.
  3. My Pera 1960: My Pera 1960, located in Cihangir-Altıpatlar Sokak, is a retro shop with second-hand products. The products of world-famous brands can be found, as well as the products of the designers themselves.My Pera 1960 Vintage Store
  4. Workshop Mariposa Cihangir: Mariposa is a shop where products with more romantic and gentle touches are sold. Located on Şimşirci Sokak, Mariposa both aims for young designers to take an active role and becomes a source of income for them with the sale of the designed products.Atelier Mariposa Vintage Store
  5. Thousand Suitcases Vintage: Bin Suitcase is one of the shops that make the surroundings of Galata Tower colorful. Clothes separated by period can be both rented and purchased. A variety of hats, watches and other accessories are also available.Thousand Suitcase Vintage Store
  6. Synthetic Caesar: The outstanding products of Synthetic Caesar, which has branches in both Taksim and Kadıköy, are accessories. Glasses, watches, bags not only decorate shops, but also attract attention. In addition, colorful shirts for both men and women find their owners at well-deserved prices. Products can also be purchased via courier on social media.Synthetic Caesar Vintage Store
  7. Eleni Vintage Galata: Eleni Vintage Galata, also known as “Once Upon a Time”, is located on Serdar-ı Ekrem Street and contains pieces especially belonging to old French patterns. Antique items are also sold.

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