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WeChat ban decision is changing! New Step in the USA

widely spoken in the USA WeChat ban decision There has been a new development. In the past days, the US Department of Commerce set a date to ban the TikTok and WeChat duo, and it would announce the decision on that date and carry out the ban.

It was recently reported that TikTok, Walmart and Oracle have agreed. WeChat, on the other hand, did not seem to be able to get rid of the embargo that Trump was applying and which was widely complained about. But San Francisco District Court Judge Laurel Beeler took the situation under the microscope and began to investigate.

US is on the agenda with WeChat ban decision

WeChat, which is considered certain to be banned in the USA due to embargoes, will not be banned. According to the court’s decision on the subject, downloading and updating this messaging service is currently legal.

With the lawsuit filed by Chinese-American citizens, it was decided that WeChat is a powerful communication tool that has no alternative to communicate with China. Citizens who filed the lawsuit stated to the authorities that the update process should not be prohibited, otherwise this application cannot be used.

A group of WeChat users called the “US WeChat Users Association” emphasized that banning this app violates freedom of expression. He declared that he would not be able to meet with his friends and family members in China when it comes to WeChat’s ban.

The decision of this court is not a final decision, but it is valid for now. The US Department of Commerce will announce its stance on this decision. If US President Donald Trump objects to this decision, the process will be prolonged and the federal court will step in.

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