What are the states of talik?

What is night time in enforcement law?

The period that lasts one hour after sunset and one hour before sunrise is called holiday time (night time). As a rule, enforcement proceedings cannot be carried out during the holiday time.

Can a foreclosure that started during the daytime be continued at night?

During the holidays, lien and notification can be made, as well as preservation measures can be taken. If it is understood that the debtor has smuggled property, a lien can be made even at night. In addition, the foreclosure that started during the day can be continued at night.

What are the states of holiday and leave?

Because vacation and leave In such cases, the creditor may make claims such as follow-up, sale and foreclosure; however vacation and leave As long as it continues, the executive bodies cannot act in line with these demands. holiday and talik As a rule, no enforcement proceedings can be carried out in such cases.

What does follow-up mean?

Executive your follow up Postponement (Taliki) Debtor, creditor’s execution of the follow-up If he proves that he has given him a grace (time) to pay his debt after it has been finalized, with a document approved by the notary public or whose signature has been acknowledged by the creditor, the enforcement court your follow up decides to postpone. (EBC.

Can he request a lien in case of lien?

İİK m. Organized between 51 and 56 under the title of “Holidays and Holidays”, this in cases Enforcement proceedings cannot be made against the debtor.[1].

Will there be a lien at night?

In the period from one hour after sunset to one hour before sunrise (nighttime) and follow-up transactions cannot be made on holidays. However, night at work places nighttime revenues foreclosure possible. on holidays attachment and notice can be done such as conservation measures.

Are enforcement and foreclosure the same thing?

Attachment about attachment The most important distinction that distinguishes the concept from execution thing lien comes after execution. All of our country attachment operations are primarily executive It is a collection method applied to people who have not paid their debts starting with the stage of this process.

Does the lien that started in the daytime continue at night?

Daytime starting foreclosure at night can be done. In case the debtor smuggles goods night time lien can be made. night timely notice can be made. On holidays; lien can be made, preservation measures can be taken, notification can be made.

What does Talik law mean?

1. Don’t leave it for a certain time, don’t delay.” Don’t give reason; don’t cause, don’t connect something to a disease.

What happens if tracking is cancelled?

Your follow up cancellation decision does not constitute a final judgment in material terms. The creditor can file a claim against the debtor in the general court. Your follow up cancellation The debtor whose demand is rejected can file a negative declaratory action against the creditor in the general court, or he can file a recovery action after paying the debt.

What happens if the debtor has no property?

Despite the lack of assets, it is necessary to have the potential to end the debt situation with the works and transactions to be carried out. The creditor has no assets debtor must prepare a validly constituted promissory note.

Does the execution proceeding work in the registry?

Being executive affects the civil service mi The precedent decision we have taken for the candidate officers who think so, is of the nature to remove the question marks in the minds of many civil servants. Finally executive no follow up register not processed.

Does the debt end with a salary lien?

Salary Foreclosure When ends? It is possible to finish the debt with the deductions made from the debtor’s salary. Of course, how much this debt is and if it is owed to more than one person, it may take a long time. Because if there is more than one creditor, the creditors take turns. wage from foreclosure debts will be charged.

Is mobile phone confiscated?

However, Electronic Communications Law m. In 34, “Allocation to subscribers or users regarding electronic communication services” made Frequency, number and line usage and usufruct and usage rights such as internet domain names and authorizations of operators cannot be seized in any way.” provision is provided.

How many types of liens are there?

Temporary, definitive and precautionary attachment including three There are various kinds of liens.: Definite (executive) attachment: It is the stage after the execution follow-up is finalized and before the sale and it gives the opportunity to request a sale. Definite attachment self completion foreclosure and additional attachment is divided into two.

Will the executive come home on the weekend?

On holidays (public holidays and week holiday) no executive tracking is not possible.

What cannot be seized?

According to EBL article 82/4; The debtor farmer is the land, animals, transportation vehicles, other attachments and agricultural tools that are indispensable for his and his family’s livelihood. unalienable. On the other hand, the debtor is the craftsman, on the other hand, the tools, equipment and books necessary for his art and profession. unalienable.

What does talik mean TDK?

TDK to follow The dictionary meaning is as follows: to hang. To put off doing something, to postpone it.

Where is Talik script used?

Means “hanging” talik Almost all the letters in the text combine with each other and seem to hang on each other. in Iran and Afghanistan used this writingis still practiced today only for making art in these two countries.

In which cases can the cancellation of the follow-up be requested?

Debtor, your follow up If he proves that the debt and its accessories have been redeemed or that the creditor has given him a deadline in the period after its finalization, with a notarized or signed document, cancel your follow up can always request the execution court.

Who decides to cancel the follow-up?

Executive cancellation of follow up or from the enforcement court to which the enforcement office is connected. Enforcement court according to the simple procedure decides. Cancellation of tracking or postponement may be requested until the distribution of funds at the latest. The execution proceeding ends with the distribution of the money.

Which items cannot be seized?

* If the debtor is a farmer, the land, animals, transportation vehicles, other attachments and agricultural tools that are indispensable for his and his family’s livelihood are completely unsecured between the goods. * If the debtor is an art connoisseur, the tools, equipment and books necessary for his art and profession unalienable.

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