What does backgammon name mean?

Italian”Backgammon” means board. Because the game is played on a wooden floor, backgammon started to be known as Jan 29, 2560 BE

What is another name for backgammon?

your backgammon as a synonym, nert is given in nerttahta. It is one of the oldest games in the world and its legacy is embraced by many nations. It is thought that the dice and stones in backgammon were made of bones in the period when the game first appeared. your backgammon Its history dates back to 3000 BC.

What are the dice names?

  • 1-1: Always Ye. 2-2: Barge;
  • 2-1: yek-i du; 3-3: Du Se;
  • 3-2: Seba-i Dü; 3-1: Se Yek;
  • 4-4: Four Cihars (also pronounced like “Four Caar”); 4-3: Cihar-ü Se (also pronounced like “Caar-i Se”);
  • 4-2: Cihar-i Dü (also pronounced like “Caar-i Dü”); 4-1: Cihar-ı Yek (also pronounced like “Caar-i Yek”);
  • 5-5: Du Five; …
  • 5-3: Penc-u Se; …
  • 5-1: Penc-i Yek;

Backgammon Kurdish game?

1-The language of backgammon Kurdish It is not Persian. 2-The Turks learned Backgammon not from the Kurds, but from the Persians while using the Iranian geography. 1-Turkish enriched these terms, which he took from Persian, with his own terms and naming, and made them suitable for his body.

What is Pencüse called in backgammon?

(ﭘﻨﺞ ﻭ ﺳﻪ) i. (Pers. penc “five”, u “and”, se “three” with penc u se) Backgammon and in dice games, the number of games in which the sides of one dice pointing to five and the other to three are overlapping, five three.

Where do the names of backgammon dice come from?

which is a very common game in Turkey. in backgammon master players in the form of a tradition dice They use the names of the combinations that have passed from Persian to Turkish. Yek (1), Dü (2), Se (3), Cehar (4), Penç (5), Sheş (6). Masters who know backgammon very well, Zara a name gives.

How is the backgammon lineup?

Stones in a row with a maximum of three lined up. Numbered pieces are brought down one by one according to the dice rolled. Everyone takes turns throwing the dice and making their move. The last person to collect all the stones wins the game.

What does four in backgammon mean?

I. (Pers. şeş “six” and Türk. with five five five) Backgammon and in dice games, the number of games in which the sides of one dice pointing to six and the other to five are overlapping, the number of games is six five.

What do you call a 6-6 dice roll?

in backgammon 6Although there are Persian equivalents of numbers up to , it is described as making up in double dice rolled. How is the Duchess one of the most popular dice? 66 all doubles if describing his dice your dice this is how it is defined.

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