What does movable paper towel mean?

photocell towel It is used with a special dispenser that works with an automatic and sensor. moving towelwith the feature of the dispenser, with just a hand movement, without touching paper towels gives. Paper length and delay time setting can be adjusted according to usage needs. Therefore, it is very economical.

What does photocell paper towel mean?

Where people are concentrated, such as plazas, offices, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, schools and classrooms paper It is a non-household cleaning paper used to provide hand cleaning to prevent waste. Photocell towel Used with wall mounted automatic and sensor operated dispenser.

What is a core draw paper towel?

Internal pull towelIt is a thick and durable product that can be used in the kitchen, cafes and restaurants, office and all other areas while drying your hands and face. While absorbing the liquid quickly, it also holds the dirt on the surface.

What should be considered when buying paper towels?

Number of layers and suction power: One paper Perhaps the most important criterion of the towel is its suction power. The more layers our towel has, the more absorbent it has. However, the increase in the number of floors also increases the cost. On average 2 and 3 floors paper towels It also provides extra softness.

What are the features of paper towel?

Paper towel; used in cleaning; Napkin made of soft, thick and absorbent paper. It is mostly produced in rolls. Its usage area is very similar to cloth towels. paper towelproduced in loose layers. This building your towel allows it to absorb and transport large amounts of water.

What does photocell napkin mean?

photocell Towel is a self-patterned, double-layered hygienic cleaning material. Thanks to its wide towel, hands can be dried easily. with sensor one over towel rails napkin Since it is taken, no one touches it, so a hygienic cleaning is ensured.

What is a dispenser towel?

dispenser It provides a hygienic use as no one has touched the paper towels inside before you. one sheet of paper towel These dispensers prevent unnecessary waste of paper towels. Thus, we can say that it is both economical and environmentally friendly.

How to use a through-draw Paper towel?

Inner pull paper towels special eliminated pull with dispensers used. of the user paper These dispensers, which allow them to pull from the middle of the apparatus as much as they want, are equipped with Z-fold and sensor. towels They don’t offer as much savings. They are mostly preferred for industrial type workplaces.

What is a Z napkin?

Z Towel is actually a towel folded according to a certain technique rather than a towel type. Z paper towel is known by folding one of the two sides of a paper towel in and the other outward. z It got this name because it takes a shape similar to the letter.

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