What does Uncivilized mean?

What does agreement mean?

The shortest answers that can be given to the question of the treaty in crosswords consist of 4 letters: 1- PACT 2- AHİT (The word Testament is also used as AHİD and AHD in some sources.)

What does acquittal mean?

laundering The answer that should be given to the questions asked is the word acquittal. In this context acquittal The only correct answer to his questions is the word acquittal.

What does production mean in puzzle?

Letter by letter puzzles excise There is only one answer to the word. The word production is used in this answer.

What does asylum mean?

Answer = What is Asylum You can write ASYLUM – BUSUNÇ – IYAZ as an answer to the question.

What is the meaning of the proverb puzzle?

Aphorism, derived from the word dictum, means a witty and wise word. Since it is clear by whom the aphorisms were said, adage can be used in place of the word.

What does rainbow mean in puzzle?

seen in puzzles rainbow In response to the word “spectrum”, a 4-letter answer can be given.

What does blindfold mean?

NOBRAN: Ungraceful, rude, and uncouth People are called nobran.

What does scout ship mean?

Piri scout shipis a 3D adventure game played in a “point and click” style from a first person perspective. It deals with the period of the world-famous Turkish sailor and cartographer Pîrî Reis.

What does ox fodder mean?

While solving puzzles ox manger If there is a question, you can write aker in the answer section.

What does Meneviş Dalgır mean?

temperingis known as the gloss seen on a surface. Therefore, when there is color fluctuation on a surface temper arises. Other meanings are hare and diver known as.

What does bomb shelter mean?

Answer = in puzzle What is a bomb shelter You can write KAZAMAT – DZOT – METRIS as an answer to the question.

What does spiritual tension mean?

spiritual tension TDK dictionary meaning is as follows: noun Surgical shock, trauma, cold, enthusiasm etc. All of the disorders caused by the factors in the organism, stress.

What is the month of January called?

“Law” as the month name, with December January of the bear old is the name. Ar. “JanuaryIt comes from the word “كانون kanûn” meaning “.

What does a kind of fishing net mean?

Trammel The correct answers to the crossword puzzle are known as Trata, Troll, Difana, Aposhi, Nonsense, Paraka, Capari or Sprinkle.

What is the cornmeal meal in the puzzle?

Cornmeal Meal Puzzle The answer is mamaliga.

What is a black thrush?

Black necked thrush (Turdus atrogularis) is a migratory, passerine bird from the family of blackbirds (Turdidae) living in Asia. bird type.

What does Taflan mean in the puzzle?

What is TAFLAN? Crossword frequent in gamesTAFLANThe answer to the question “Hindi cherries” is the solution.

What is a Bumblebee in Puzzle?

Answer = What is a Bumblebee in Puzzle? You can write DIVIK – TERMIT as an answer to the question.

What does lightning bolt mean?

Lightning The six-letter answer to the puzzle is the word aspita. Lightning The puzzle has two seven-letter answers. Lightning The first seven-letter answer to the puzzle is the word selenka. Lightning The second seven-letter answer to the puzzle is the word liar.

What does female deer mean?

oh, doe It is the shortest possible answer. This word is used in some regions. deer It is also used in the sense of cub.

What does soft-boiled egg mean?

Boiled egg The first six-letter answer to the puzzle is alakok.

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