What does yoke mean 4 class?

What does yoke mean example?

a. 1. Oppression of cruelty and tyranny, captivity: “The nations of the East have long lived under the yoke of the oppressors, crouching in the darkness of ignorance.” -P. …

What is a yoke clause?

1- Countries that fall under the yoke of another state are doomed to collapse sooner or later. 2- The Turkish Nation refused to be under the yoke of another country and started the War of Independence and expelled all the occupying forces from their country. 3- Yoke It means to become a colony of another country.

What is the yoke type?

Yoke or nir; a wooden frame, often m-shaped, that is worn around the necks of animals that are rushed to the cart to allow them to walk together. It usually consists of a bar placed horizontally on the neck and sticks (zelve) hanging on both sides of the neck.

What does it mean to build a yoke?

To be enslaved, to be under command and pressure, to be dominated by someone else yoke expressed in the form of going under.

What does compile mean TDK?

What does compilation mean TDK? (-i) 1. To collect by selection, to bring together, to compose. 2. To collect properly.

What does it mean to take on the yoke?

dominate a society receive. under the influence receive.

What does development mean?

Development Meaning of the word: It is used as a word that means the development and strengthening of the social and economic structure of a country. Development The word is one of the most frequently used words. Development related to sentences: *Our country development We expect them to take action in their fields.

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