What is Apple Fitness+

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What is Apple Fitness+

What is Apple Fitness+? and why it doesn’t work on Mac. The company has yet to give an explanation as to why the Mac was excluded, but the release of iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and macOS Monterey alleviated the issue.
You can now transfer Apple Fitness+ from your iPhone or iPad to Mac.
This is not ideal. There are limits to what you can do or at least see. Also, since you need to have your iPhone or iPad with you, you can use these devices most of the time.
However, when you’re at your Mac all day or have a group, the bigger screen is a godsend. Of course if you really want a bigger screen you can use Apple TV 4K

How to transfer Apple Fitness+ to Mac

Make sure iPhone is on iOS 15 or later or iPad is on iPadOS 15 or later
Check if Mac is running macOS Monterey or later
Stand or sit next to your Mac
On iPhone or iPad, scroll down to reveal Control Center
Tap the screen mirroring button
Select your Mac from the list of displayed devices Launch Apple Fitness+ on your iPhone or iPad
The screen mirroring button has been redesigned in iOS 15. What used to be the icon for the words “Screen Mirroring” and overlapping screen shaped boxes, now just this icon.
What you’re actually doing is sending the iPhone or iPad screen to your Mac, which means whatever you show on the screen will appear there instead.
This means two things. The first is that you can still control Apple Fitness+ from that iPhone or iPad. Therefore, whenever you want to start any workout, you have to tap the iPhone or iPad screen.
Similarly, if you’re in a workout and need to pause or end it, it’s the iPhone or iPad you need to tap. If you haven’t used Screen Mirroring before, this isn’t necessarily obvious as the iPhone may not show any screen controls until you tap it.
The second thing is that you may need to rotate your iPhone. This is certainly true when you stream YouTube videos, for example. Then flipping the phone switches the video from picture-in-picture thumbnail on Mac to full screen.
What won’t transfer to Mac
It’s not just the Apple Fitness+ controls that aren’t shown on your Mac when you transfer the service. More importantly, you don’t get any Apple Fitness+ data on the screen.

11858 technical support

Therefore, no matter what exercise you do, you will not see the activity rings. They’re still updating, every hard workout you do moves these rings, but you can’t see them.
Keep them as a reward when you’re done and check your Apple Watch to see how many minutes of activity are logged for all your efforts.
But there is more. In total, on Mac you will not see:
exercise timer
your heart rate
burn stick
Countdowns for the high-interval segments of the workout
music tracks
activity ring
move the ring
standing ring
Also note that you won’t see anything else happening on your Mac’s screen. Flow effectively takes over the entire screen, completely replacing it.

Apple Fitness+ Appstore connection

11858 technical support

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