What is Dermatix used for?

Dermatix® to help prevent scarring on newly healed wounds and reduce noticeable immature scars. used advanced topical Silicone Gel. Dermatix® is easily applied to most areas of the body, including the face, joints and other parts of the skin.

When to use Dermatixsi?

You can apply it to your skin twice a day, morning and evening. If you want to get the full effect, remember to use this cream regularly for at least 2 months.

What does Dermatix gel do?

It is a silicone gel used on scars after surgery or cesarean delivery, scars formed by any impact or burn scars. It is applied only to the outer surface. It can be used not only for adults but also for children with peace of mind.

Does Dermatix pay for the state?

on the market dermatix It is not sold under the name of dermatixsi. The price is 65 TL for 15 gr and is not covered by private insurance.

What does silicone creams mean?

Xeragel™ is 100% rubbed on a small scar. silicon it is gel. Silicon It provides a practical use on joint and contoured surfaces where the application of the gel layer is difficult. Silicon It is used as an alternative to the layers, it is not applied under the layers.

How to use Dermatix ultra gel?

A very thin layer to be removed from the closed wound in the affected area DermatixSi Ultra Gel is driven. Transparent gel Let it dry on its own for 4-5 minutes. Apply 2 times a day. To reduce the risk of abnormal scarring and obtain the best appearance, a wound should be applied. gel or applying a silicone layer is recommended.

What does Skatris gel do?

Used to prevent scar formation and help correct the appearance of existing scars. Skatris Silicon GelIt is used after wound closure or removal of sutures after surgical procedures and injuries. in burns if It should be used after skin integrity is formed.

Does the government pay for Contractubex cream?

The price of this medicine is about 70 TL, state is borne by and, in my personal experience, its only effect to the state damaging effect. The ones that have been proven to be effective on formed and emerging scars are silicone-based gels.

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