What is Ethnography? Ethnographic Science

It is called a social science that examines the culture, way of life, the goods they use and more of the civilizations that have lived and left their mark on the world. What is ethnography? This question can be answered in the simplest terms. At the same time ethnographic science Also called. Because it is a social science.

What Does Ethnography Mean?

It appears as a branch of science that examines the lives of nations, their wars, what they use in daily life, the nations they interact with, and more. Ethnography, which can also be called a research method that examines the existence of human beings in society, both qualitatively and quantitatively, is among the most important tools of social research. “What is Miniature Art?” You can also review our content.

Why is Ethnography Important?

Ethnography, which studies the behavior of nations and relations between nations through social observation sciencei attracts attention with its importance in every respect. So what is the significance of this science?

  • It provides the examination of behaviors in a society and tells us why these behaviors are done.
  • Social research will reach greater results if it is included in the community.
  • A large culture or community is the domain of ethnography. This is true. However, in some cases, small communities can also be the subject of ethnography. In other words, small communities that are similar to the lives of large communities, in the shortest terms, are also within the scope of ethnography.
  • It examines the lives and behaviors of societies and makes a comprehensive comparison with today’s.
  • Written documents related to the lives and cultures of nations, communities or groups can also be obtained with the science of ethnography.
  • Important information about migration, globalization, climate changes, religious changes, assimilation and more results can become valuable with the written documents obtained.

As seen above, ethnography helps us to obtain many results about past societies. In addition to the values ​​mentioned here, it is an important branch of science that includes many values.

What Advantages Does Ethnography Provide Today?

What Advantages Does Ethnography Provide Today?

The ability of ethnography to make important inferences about past societies helps us to catch many advantages today. So what are these advantages?

  • It allows the comparison of past societies and present societies.
  • It helps to understand people’s lives and make all kinds of evaluations.
  • Ethnography is the broadest research method. It is the most important way to conduct comprehensive community research.
  • It helps prevent today’s social conflicts. It does this by examining past societies.
  • It helps to gain insight into societies and populations that have yet to be discovered in the past.
  • It also enables the discovery of new features and cultural values ​​of discovered societies.

As seen above, the science of ethnography provides us with many advantages today. It is a branch of science in which the scope of research is also very large. So, with which branches of science is ethnography intertwined?

Sciences Related to Ethnography

Sciences Related to Ethnography

Although ethnography is a science on its own, it is included in the social sciences class. At the same time, it is always in contact with different branches of science, as its research area is wide. So, what are these branches of science?

  • Sociology
  • History
  • Archeology (Excavation Science)
  • Anthropology (Human Science)
  • Art – Art History
  • Geography
  • Palaeography (Science of Writing)
  • Diplomacy (Document Science)
  • Chronology (Calendar Science)
  • Sigiliography (Science of Seal)
  • Philology (Linguistics)
  • Heraldry (Science of Arms)
  • Epigraphy (Science of Inscriptions)
  • Numismatics (Money Science)

Ethnography, which is always in contact with the above branches of science, both provides benefits to these disciplines and can conduct more extensive research by making use of these disciplines. “What is Calligraphy? What are the types?” You can also review our content.

How Does the Science of Ethnography Do Research?

How Does the Science of Ethnography Do Research?

Various interviews, observations and the results of the data obtained as a result of the research done by the science of ethnography are written. At the same time, the ethnographic researcher should blend into the society. In case of mixing into the society, it can actively reach long-term culture, customs, daily life and many other results. In order to be a result-oriented, effective research, the researcher must be neutral towards the society. Research with a biased point of view will prevent the emergence of correct results.

Turkey’s Important Ethnography Museum

Ankara Ethnography Museum

It was started to be built in the 1920s in the Altındağ district of the capital Ankara and opened to visitors in 1930. Ankara Ethnography Museum, contains many works belonging to Turkish Art and continuing since the Seljuk State period. The main values ​​in the museum are as follows:

  • Folk Clothing
  • Examples of Shoes and Clogs
  • Men’s and Women’s Socks Belonging to Sivas Region
  • Oya, Uçkur, Bundle, Bedspread, Environment, Bride’s Clothing and Groom’s Shaving Sets
  • Carpets and Rugs
  • Anatolian Examples of Metal Art
  • Bow, Arrow, Flint Pistol, Yatağan, Rifle and Swords of the Ottoman Period
  • Turkish Tiles and Porcelains of Kütahya
  • Lettering Art Examples
  • Works on Sufism and Sects

The above artifacts, values ​​and items are in the Ankara Ethnography Museum. When you visit the museum, you can reach all these values ​​completely.

What is an Ethnographer?

What is an Ethnographer?

People who deal with the science of ethnography and have reached the level of expertise in this science are called ethnographers. Along with the ethnographer, the word “budun descriptor” is also used. Both are called ethnographers.

General Operation of Ethnographic Studies

General Operation of Ethnographic Studies

What is ethnography? the question of nations with a short definition. cultureWe called it a social science that studies his reputation, life and actions. So, what is the general operation of the studies carried out in this direction?

  • Examination of Daily Life
  • Holistic Approach
  • Realistic Identification
  • The Observer’s View of the Research

Realizing the above process in the most realistic and impartial way will help ethnographic works reach the most accurate results.

In this content for you what is ethnography? ethnographic science and we tried to talk about all the information about its operation with details. We also touched on the importance and advantages of ethnography. We hope we were able to convey useful information to you and help you add new information to your existing knowledge.

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