What is go to sand?

to the sea to go the use of the verb in some regions.

Who is called the sand?

sand, each of the wives of a polygamous man, other than his first wife. Middle Turkish with the same meaning sand comes from the word.

What does it mean to be in the sand?

to be in the sand In particular, it means that a woman has entered into a marriage with a married man. In other words, it is the meaning that is expressed for those women and what they say to each other when more than one woman marries a man outside of the civil law.

What does denial mean TDK?

Turkish Language Society According to the dictionary, denial has two meanings. The first one is “The work of denial, denial, denial” means is happening. Secondly, in the branch of logic in psychology, it means “transfer from a judgment to the opposite judgment, nafiy”.

Where is the sand attached to?

sand river
Source Greater Caucasus Mountains
Mouth Caspian Sea
Basin countries Russia

Where does the sand come from?

Mongolian sand It is synonymous with the word “man’s second wife”.

What is a sand marriage?

of a man married defined as the unofficial marriage of a second woman sand marriageIt is included in polygamy in general, polygamy and polygyny/polygamy in particular.

What does denial mean?

If such a situation is encountered in the questions, the sentence in which lying may be in question is denied (denial) should be accepted as a sentence. Sample: – We didn’t say that we will give staff to all teachers. – I did not break the glass at the entrance of the site! – Did I cause the deterioration of psychology?

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