What is MentalUP?

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Nowadays digital ageinside physical ability besides winning digital platformtaking advantage of the personal abilities increase has become possible. These platforms can be accessed from anywhere, and since they are not in a physical environment, there is no such thing as transportation costs, thus saving you both time and money.

What is this MentalUP?

children’s thinking and learning skillsby developing academic achievementcontributing to the intelligence gamesis the name given to MentalUP.

MentalUp child development expertsof academicsget in and game designersboth developed by your scientific both brain exercises app.

Since all the exercises in it are designed as a game, children MentalUP They do not see it as an additional responsibility. They use it lovingly and having fun. Mentalup children’s technologyIt allows them to be used in a well-controlled and beneficial way. mental skillIt automatically prepares a personalized study plan limited to 20 minutes per day, suitable for the learning pace of each child, for the balanced development of the students.

11858 technical support

Kids are fun intelligence gamesthinking by playing and learning skillsYou can observe their progress on the reporting screens while developing the These reports provide powerful clues about the child’s outstanding skills and skills they can develop. If you pay attention memory, visual, verbal and logic skillIn the sample report, we can easily observe that the visual skills of the child are more developed than other skills. So this boy visual artistic activitiese may be more prone. Same way verbal gamesWe also observe that its performance in the category is lower than in other categories. This means that this kid has proven his potential in other areas. verbal skillcan significantly improve their

By checking these screens frequently, you can follow the development of children over time and offer them healthier directions. If you wish, you can help children discover their potential by evaluating their skills in their own age group.

Families’ favorite, most useful kids app MentalUP a Google Play Store and App Store and You can access at.

You can get started right away by creating your username and password in a few simple steps. MentalUp when used regularly thinking and learning supports the development of their skills.

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