What is Samsung Wireless PowerShare?

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The new Samsung Galaxy S20 and Samsun S10 Note Series support wireless PowerShare. It’s a new wireless charging feature that comes in handy when the remaining battery on your other smartphone or accessory needs a little stretch.

With Wireless PowerShare, you can turn your Galaxy S20 into a wireless charger and use it to extend the battery life of your other devices. The standard steps to access and take advantage of wireless power sharing on your Galaxy V20 are highlighted below. Individual screenshots showing each procedure are also provided for easier navigation. Prepare your Qi-enabled accessory before continuing, and then continue with these steps.

11858 technical support

Drag down Quick settings panel from notification panel

Find and tap the Wireless PowerShare icon.

Place your Galaxy S20 face down on a flat surface. Next, get your wireless charging accessory and place it on the back of your phone.

When charging is complete, you can remove the accessory from the back of your phone.

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