What is the 14 prostration verse?

In total in the Qur’an 14 Prostration verse exists. This prostration When we read its verses, we have to prostrate for recitation. A’raf 206, Ra’d 15, Nahl 49, Isra 107, Meryem 58, Hajj 18, Sad 24, Furkan 60, Neml 25, Prostration 15, Fussilet 37, Necm 62, Inshikak 21 and Alak 19 prostration It is one of the verses. What is 14 prostration verse?Mar 31, 2021

What are the 14 prostrations of recitation?

Prostration of recitationof the Holy Quran 14 In case of reading or hearing the verses of prostration in its place, it is prostration that should be done. In total, someone who has not memorized the Qur’an 14 times prostration of recitation should make it. When the verse is read or heard Prostration of recitation It’s doable and that’s what’s acceptable.

Which are the 14 prostration verses?

Here, the prostration of recitation is done 14 prostration verses:

  • al-A’raf, 7/206.
  • ar-Ra’d, 13/15.
  • en-Nahl, 16/49;
  • al-Isra, 17/107;
  • Mary, 19/58;
  • al-Hajj, 22/18;
  • al-Furqan, 25/60;
  • en-Humid, 27/25;

How to do 14 prostrations?

The prostration of recitation is as follows makes: With the intention of prostrating for recitation, saying “Allahu Akbar” without raising hands. prostrate is reached. Say “Subhana Rabbiy al-ala” three times or “Subhana Rabbana in kane vadu Rabin lamaf’ula” once. After that, say “Allahu Akbar” and get up.

How many prostrations are there in 14 juz?

In which parts are the verses of prostration

Juz no Surah No Verse Number
14 16 50
15 17 107
16 19 58
17 22 18

•May 3, 2021

Why are 14 prostrations performed?

THE SECRET OF THE RELATIONSHIP WHY IT IS DONE? one. Prostration reading the verse: Even if he can’t hear it himself, for some reason like being deaf prostration who reads the verse prostration it is obligatory to do so. If this verse is recited outside the prayer or during the prayer, whether the imam or the person praying alone prostration it is obligatory to do so.

In which Juz are the 14 prostration verses?

62 of Necm Surah, 21 of Inshikak Surah, 19th of Alak Surah. verse.

Which Juz have the Qur’an recitation prostration?

The 21st Verse of Inshikak Surah, the 30th Juz, and the 19th Verse of Alak Surah are also 30. wallet is found. When it comes to the verse of prostration during reading prostration of recitation needs to be done.

Is there a 14-jud prostration verse?

Prostration verses In the Holy Quran 14 cents passes. If there is no suitable environment for prostration of recitation, continue reading after saying “Sem’ina et’ana gufraneke Rabbena ve ileykel masir”.

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