What is Vedia case?

Vedia(bailment) is basically based on an agreement on movable property. Vedia, vedia giving as; do not deposit; It is an agreement on movable property for a specific purpose and for return.

What is Free Vedia?

on loan for use free the purpose of using and returning as vediada free appears as preservation and return. vedia neither a third party nor vedia The field itself cannot use it. Also referred to as an escrow agreement or custody agreement.

What is Vedia, Rome?

Vedia The contract is a contract that must be made absolutely free of charge. If the recipient of the relevant goods receives a fee in return for storage, this contract is a contract. vedia It’s not a contract, it’s an exception contract. in Turkish Law vedia in your contract, vedia it can be decided that the area receives a fee (TBK art. 561/2).

What is the purpose of the contract?

contract parties do so in order to establish, transfer, change or abolish a right or legal relationship.

What is a deposit?

Retention Agreement (deposit) Custody contract is a consensual contract in Turkish law. For the contract to take place, the custodian must agree to protect the movable left to him by the custodian in a safe place; It is not necessary to deliver the goods subject to the contract to the custodian.

What does it mean to give as a loan?

bequestA contract that allows something to be used by a person for free (for free) for a specific or unspecified period of time.

What does vedia mean islamic law?

Derived from the root vd’a meaning “to leave, to abandon” in the dictionary. vedia In fiqh, it means leaving a property to someone for protection and the property left in this way. The use of the word in the second sense is more common in the fiqh literature.

What is the irregular Vedia, Rome?

L assortment of goods vedia in cases where the recipient is graduated to use it, and instead of having to return it exactly as it is, he owes the same quality and amount of return. unlawful delivery contract is available.

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