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What is WhatsApp Baskets Feature? Here are the details

Focusing on shopping, WhatsApp continues its moves in this direction at full speed. Popular app just announced WhatsApp baskets feature It almost turns into a shop counter. Messaging app recently released blog post explained the details of the feature in question.

What you need to know about the WhatsApp Baskets feature

With the effect of the coronavirus, people have started to shop more online in general. WhatsApp, one of the largest messaging applications in the world, announced its feature called Baskets, probably because of this. WhatsApp defines the feature as follows:

WhatsApp is fast becoming a shop counter for talking about products and coordinating sales. Catalogs allowed users to easily see the products and services offered and helped businesses organize their conversations about specific products. As more and more purchases are made through chats, we want to make the buying and selling experience even easier.

We are excited to introduce the baskets feature on WhatsApp starting today. baskets; an ideal feature to use when messaging businesses that often sell multiple items at once, such as local restaurants or clothing stores. Thanks to the baskets, users can browse the catalogs, select multiple products, and send their orders to the business as a single message. This makes it easier for businesses to track questions about orders, manage requests from customers, and finalize sales..

The popular platform commented on the use of the Baskets feature and stated that it is quite easy. It is said that it will be enough for users to find the products they want and click on the “add to cart” option. When the user completes the transaction, they can send the basket to the business as a message.

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