What is Windows 11/10 S | FAQ about Windows 11/10 in S Mode

The Windows 11/10 S is Microsoft’s answer to the ChromeOS – and it’s a light OS targeted at the Education sector. Microsoft had tried baking in Windows 10 with the budget laptop, which didn’t go well. Windows 11/10 as an operating system runs well on mid specced or high-end laptops. However, Microsoft has finally decided to weed out the limitations of Windows 11/10, and it’s for this reason that Windows 11/10 S was conceived. In this segment let’s take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Windows 11/10 S and answer the same with clarity,

What is Windows 11/10 S

Windows 11/10 S is a lighter version of Windows 11/10 which runs apps in a sandboxed environment; this means that it is more secure and handles the performance requirements in a much better way. It is designed for superior performance, Microsoft–verified security, Microsoft Store and Microsoft Edge only support.

Does Windows 11/10 S support all software

Nearly all the developers ready their apps for the Windows ecosystem, and we have been sideloading apps on Windows for nearly two decades. We are spoilt for choice when running the .exe files on our Windows system. However, since Windows 11/10 S runs in the Sandboxed environment, all of this is not possible. One needs to head over to the Windows Store to install any app, and if your favorite app is not there in the Windows Store, there is nothing much you can do about it.

That being said we are sure that third party developers will soon follow suit and port their apps to the universal windows app and make it available on the Windows Store. With this Microsoft has not only increased the security of the system but they have also ensured that unwanted programs are impossible to install.

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Does Windows 11/10 S support all Hardware

Before answering this question, let’s make one thing clear as of now, it seems that Microsoft is not allowing users to install Windows 11/10 S on any laptops and instead compulsorily bundling it with OEMs. At the event, Microsoft announced that they have tied up with seven major OEMs and the starting price point for the Windows 10 S laptop would be as low as $189.

Now other peripherals like the printers are expected to work well, but if you are looking out to install advanced tools for printer management, that might not yet be possible. Also, we are still unsure on how Microsoft is handling the drivers part.

Can Windows 11/10 S join a Domain

Yes, you can join through the Azure Active directory. That being said, Windows 11/10 S is being bundled with some admin tools that will help the admin install the OS on several PC’s in a jiffy by using a pen drive. In a nutshell, the deployment is very straightforward and easy. Also, updates can be managed via the Windows update for business.

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Can Windows 11/10 S be upgraded to Windows 11/10 Pro

Here is a comparison chart of the features of Windows 11/10 S, Windows 11/10 Pro and Windows 11/10 Home.

windows 10 s featuresMicrosoft lets you upgrade to Windows 11/10 Pro by paying $49. However, one cannot roll back to Windows 11/10 S post the upgrade. Also, educators will have a special option wherein they can unlock Windows 11/10 Pro to install an application.

Windows 11/10 S has many of the features of Windows 11/10 Pro, but for security and performance, it exclusively runs apps from the Windows Store and uses Microsoft Edge as its default browser. Read the details on Microsoft.

Some of you might want to take a look at the list of Accessories and Hardware compatible with Windows 11/10 S.

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