What should I do to prevent the pan from absorbing oil?

While your dough is baking no oil absorption Be sure to add vinegar while preparing the dough. The vinegar you will add will make your dough rise more puffy and oil will prevent it from pulling.Aug 7, 2018

What should I do to make the dough soft?

  1. Use Yogurt and Vinegar. Kitty soft dough to beThe most important thing to look for in a pie. …
  2. Avoid Getting Tough. Soft and puffy make a pie if you want kitty of the dough. …
  3. Wait for it to rise. Even if you want to eat delicious pastries as soon as possible, a little bit for better results. …
  4. Leave it thick. …
  5. Cook in Abundant and Hot Oil.

Why Doesn’t Pie Inflate?

Kitty If the dough is kneaded hard, it will not rise and their shape will not be beautiful. Most importantly, it won’t be delicious. The consistency of the dough is very important. In addition, the baking powder, baking soda or yeast used must be fresh.

Why don’t the fries rise?

Adding ingredients such as milk and water in an extremely cold or very hot way can disrupt the structure of the yeast. This situation your dough to swell or even to swell Why? is happening. Another mistake is to add salt along with sugar and mix the yeast that way.

How much oil is the pan fried in?

Heat 1 cup of oil in a wide pan. liquid your hands oil Break off egg-sized pieces from the dough that has been greased and fermented and roll them. Gently press open the dough with your hand and in oil Fry front to back. Serve hot.

How soft is the fried dough?

Let’s make the flour like a pool first and put the other ingredients in the flour and soft a pastry knead. Plasticine Let it rise for an hour, cut or shape it as you like, fry it. This pastry unlike the others soft It happens that I can’t explain and it is light.

Is the pizza eaten cold?

Although it is easy to make, it retains its smell and flavor from a very respected place among all pastries. If the mother is touched, she will even be happy. hot too eaten, cold also… even the fact that it has become stale and hard has never taken away our joy of eating it. mi it never hurts, on the contrary, it is always appetizing, always loved and to be loved.

How is the pastry dough shaped?

If you want, as I said, ready-made bread from the bakery ovens to pass this stage. plasticine You can take. Take pieces from the dough you have prepared or bought, shape them by pressing them on an oiled surface with your hands, and fry them in hot oil. It is much easier if you oil your hands at this stage. shape You can give.

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