What You Need to Know When Preparing the Birth Bag

While the delivery bag saves lives in sudden births, it plays the biggest helper role in planned births. You can get rid of the chaos at the time of birth by preparing the birth bag, which should contain many items separately for the mother and the baby, months before the birth, and placing it in a place where you can easily find it. However, you should not forget that there are many points that you should pay attention to when preparing your bag.

Maternity Bag Is For Both Mom And Baby

The maternity bag should contain the necessary items for the mother as well as the items for the baby. These items, which are very important for the time spent in the hospital after the birth, will also be effective in ensuring that the mother is comfortable in the pre- and post-natal period.

Review Your Needs From Top to Bottom

Add any items you think you may need before, during and after birth to your maternity bag. Try making a list to see your needs more clearly. While we are preparing the birth bag, we want neither to be missing nor to be a burden. For this reason, it is useful to act in a planned manner and to benefit from the experiences of our friends who have recently given birth or the internet.

Put the Birth Bag in an Easily Reachable Place

If you are at home when labor begins, remember that you will have a short time to get to the hospital, and place the delivery bag in an easily accessible location near the door. Do not forget to inform your spouse or mother who lives with you where the birth bag is.

Put On The Clothes Necessary For The Mother

One of the most important needs of a pregnant woman is to have clothes in which she will be comfortable. This situation does not change after birth. For this reason, the most important parts of the maternity bag are comfortable nightgowns, pajamas, dressing gowns, underwear, hair bands, t-shirts and trousers for the mother.

Don’t Skip Personal Care Supplies

Birth is a very tiring process. After the birth, you may not have many opportunities to organize yourself in the hospital. For this reason, be sure to add personal care products such as deodorant, hair brush, toothbrush in the delivery bag. After giving birth, your skin, especially your lips, may become dry due to stress and lack of water for a while. Make sure to bring face cream and lip balm with you.


Keep a List of Important Numbers in the Bag

Do not forget to write the names and numbers of the people who need to be called in an emergency, on a piece of paper and attach it to a corner of the bag.

Raise Cash, Considering Every Possibility

Keeping some cash in your maternity bag can be a very effective solution for an emergency or need.

What You Need to Know When Preparing the Birth Bag

Take Your Nursing Bra And Necessary Creams With You

Remember that you should start breastfeeding immediately after the baby is born. Take two nursing bras and leaking pads with you to stay comfortable in the hospital, and have wound ointments with you for initial irritation.

Sheep Slippers And Socks

Add a pair of thick socks to your maternity bag so you don’t feel cold in the hospital room before or after delivery. Also, get wide, non-slip slippers to move freely. Thick-soled terry slippers are very comfortable and useful. You can wash it after the hospital and continue to use it.

Get Necessary Clothes for Baby

Include at least two different kinds of clothes, such as pants, hats, socks, and gloves, that your baby will wear after birth, in the maternity bag list. Also, don’t forget to buy newborn diapers, baby wipes and diaper rash cream.


Don’t Forget Cleaning Materials such as Wet Wipes, Sanitary Pads, Napkins

Make sure to keep these products in the delivery bag so that you have cleaning agents at hand after or before the baby is born.

Add Cardigans, Blankets, and Sheets for Baby

You should definitely put a blanket, sheet and a cardigan in your bag so that the baby does not feel cold and comfortable after birth.

Don’t Forget The Baby Carrier Or Stroller

Add the cradle and stroller next to the maternity bag so you can carry your baby safely.

Place Necessary Personal Care Products for Baby

Do not forget to put powders, wipes, creams and oils that may be necessary for the baby in your delivery bag.

Immortalize the Moment

If you want to immortalize the birth and your baby’s first moments in the world, you can also put a camera and camera in your birth bag.


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