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WhatsApp Ad System is on the way! Here are the details

While WhatsApp frequently occupies the agenda with its new features, it holds the title of being the most used messaging application in the world with the number of users exceeding millions. WhatsApp ad system The company, which is prepared to meet with users, has updated the terms of use.

How will the WhatsApp ad system work?

WhatsApp Ad System

Considering the previous news, it was among the expectations that the company would come up with a new advertising system. Although there was no confirmation about the situation in question, many analysts stated that such a development would occur.

It has been learned how to show ads in the highly anticipated WhatsApp application. Avoiding efforts to mislead users, WhatsApp will not display the ads in question in the chat window style. banner The new system, which will use the type of advertisement called the ad, will encourage users to click on the advertisement so that they can spend time in the application.

WABetaInfo The ad system available in the update list revealed by the company attracts a lot of attention. For Android and Web, iOS for 2.20.130 With the release, the company will also change its usage policy.

Thanks to the changed and renewed usage policy, WhatsApp and companies will have the right to process data for advertising. WhatsApp has announced that it will share with users in the chat window whether companies store data on Facebook in order to process messages.

February 8, 2021 The usage policy, which will be changed on date, aims to show service-oriented advertisements to users. Some analysts think that the company will lose a large amount of users after this move.

What do you think about the ads that will come to WhatsApp? Do you think there will be a decrease in the usage rate after the advertisements come? You can share your thoughts with us and other readers by commenting below.

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