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WhatsApp Advertising Decision Surprised Users!

Users recently Facebook The news that WhatsApp would be banned if he did not share his data was on the agenda like a bomb. Now it is one of the most talked about topics on social media. WhatsApp ad decision. WhatsApp Advertising Is it based on the subject?

WhatsApp Advertising was criticized for its decision

Signals of advertising for the popular messaging application with millions of users were given in 2019. held in the Netherlands Facebook Marketing Summit Talking about advertisements in the (FMC) event, the company also underlined that users can review the details about the advertisements.

Facebook which promises its users with an announcement after it is purchased by WhatsApp“We respect your privacy, we created WhatsApp to know as little about you as possible. We will continue our partnership with Facebook by continuing to operate independently.” had made the statement.

After the time passed after the said statement, a new data use consent wanting WhatsAppwill start rolling out the ads feature to all users. Because of this step, it has attracted the reaction of thousands of people.

How will WhatsApp ads be displayed?

your adsa feature that the messaging platform introduced a few years ago. WhatsApp StatusIt is said to be presented as part of the . Currently, WhatsApp Status shows pictures, videos, texts and other files that a person has uploaded. WhatsApp ads will also be displayed integrated into this feature.

WhatsApp Ads feature, InstagramIt will take place with a method similar to the working principle of advertisements in . Users who want to view the ad will have to swipe up.

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