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WhatsApp Coming With a Discord-Like Feature!

Popular digital messaging platform WhatsApp continues to improve itself day by day. The platform is now preparing to bring the ‘Communities’ feature called ‘Communities’ to groups with channels like Discord. WhatsApp Coming With a Discord-Like Feature!

WhatsApp Coming With a Discord-Like Feature!

WhatsApp, which has been on the agenda lately, has taken over the agenda again. The application, which constantly improves itself, is not just WhatsApp, which can be messaged as in the past. The application, which has changed greatly with new features such as business accounts, stickers, audio and video calls, is now preparing for a major development.

There have been claims that the platform will come with a feature called Communities recently. With this feature, which XDA developers noticed for the first time, communities are established where groups become channels. Also if you have similar information now WABetaInfo reaching. WABetaInfo gave some information about the feature that WhatsApp will probably call Communities in Turkish. This information, which supports the claims made in October, is very larger scale chat groups It brings an air of Discord to the platform.

Even if you don’t use the Discord platform, you’ve heard about it. When users join a group, they see channels with different titles belonging to the group. In addition, Slack, which is used for business, also uses the same feature. There are separate channels and more general channels for different departments or different tasks. According to estimates, WhatsApp is preparing to come with exactly this feature. In addition, with the arrival of this new feature, while the authorities of the administrators increase, channels in a community will be like current groups.

So what do you think about this new feature? In addition, you can express your thoughts by commenting below.

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