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WhatsApp Coming With New Security Measure!

Digital messaging application WhatsApp continues to work on new features. Now we are here with an innovation in security. WhatsApp Coming With New Security Measure!

WhatsApp Coming With New Security Measure!

As you know, WhatsApp is one of the most used messaging platforms. However, due to various reasons it has experienced in the past, it has been losing users to its competitors such as Telegram and Signal. In addition, the company said that new steps will be taken to improve the user experience in 2022. Now, the company stated that security measures will increase with a share made yesterday.

Last year, Meta included some improvements on WhatsApp into their beta program. In this way, users registered in the beta program can now message on the desktop or web version of the application without a phone connection. They can also make voice or video calls.

In the post shared by WABetaInfo yesterday, WhatsApp brings the feature to add two-step verification to its desktop app and web version. Since many people trust this app, criminals are also taking advantage of the platform through fraudulent ways. After the beta program, the application will be available from the PC without the need for the device to be nearby. new coming two-factor authentication security With the measure, users will be offered multi-device use, just like Telegram. It also offers a freedom that can be trusted in this regard. In this way, it is understood why the feature, which is working smoothly for now, is not out of beta.

In addition, WABetaInfo makes the following statement on the subject: “When your WhatsApp account is registered, a personal PIN will be requested to log into the account after entering the 6-digit code. WhatsApp wants to make it easy to manage two-step verification everywhere. So they are trying to introduce this feature in web/desktop client in a future update. It will be possible to enable or disable two step verification in web/desktop client. This is especially important when you lose your phone and don’t remember your PIN.”

So what do you think about this issue? Also, are you using the WhatsApp platform? In addition, you can share your ideas with us and other readers by commenting below.

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