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WhatsApp iOS version has been updated! Here’s what’s new!

WhatsApp has revealed a new update for iOS. iOS for WhatsApp app version 2.21.71 offered to users. With the new update, there are multiple new features for users. Some of the new features can be added to groups. lost message feature and improvements to media display. WhatsApp iOS version has been updated! Here’s what’s new!

WhatsApp iOS version has been updated!

Recently, WhatsApp has been attracting attention with its new updates. WhatsApp, which has a disappearing status feature for a long time, added the disappearing message feature in addition to this feature. The purpose of the feature is explained as “Users shouldn’t be stuck in certain conversations forever”.

Until the new update comes, the feature that is the subject of our news is only active in individual chats, group chats are not included. Media and messages sent to groups will disappear after 7 days on devices with the feature active. Media and messages sent they are recorded will not disappear from devices. In addition, a message and media will not be lost when forwarded, favorited or saved.

With the update, innovations came to the media section. Previously, when you sent media to your friend or a group, it was square. There is a situation where the sent media appears close to full size, not square. In addition, thanks to this feature, you will be able to view the media comfortably from within the chat without touching it.

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