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WhatsApp Is Here With Its New Expected Features

Popular messaging and voice communication platform Whatsapp remains on the agenda with two new features that are expected to come. One of these features is said to be to mute videos before uploading them to the status and sending them to someone. Although the feature in question for Android users is not a feature at the first stage, it stands out as a highly anticipated feature for iPhone users. WhatsApp has already made a sound with its new expected features.

Another feature is of interest to iPhone users. This feature is referred to as “read later”. It allows the user to have a better version of the existing archived chats feature.

WhatsApp New Expected Features

WhatsApp for AndroidThere is talk of a feature in the beta version of ‘s that allows you to mute videos before a user quickly uploads the status or sends it to other people. A screenshot has been shared regarding this issue, and there is a speaker icon in the lower left corner of the video editing section in that image. When you touch that icon, the feature activates and you perform the sounding process.

It is stated that this feature, which is on the agenda, is currently under development and the update is not even available for beta testing so far. It is thought that the update will be available for Android users in a short time.

Another of WABetalnfo in the reportnoted that WhatsApp is not working on the feature to mute only videos. It also reports that it is trying to replace existing archived chats using the read-later feature. WhatsApp version beta for iPhone is said to have this new feature in the future.

What do you think about the features that are talked about and expected to come? You can share your ideas with us by commenting below.

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