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WhatsApp Makes Moves for Disappearing Message Feature

Although WhatsApp is the most used messaging application in the world, it is still not at the desired level. Different and various features of its competitors have not yet been accessed by WhatsApp users. Viber, WeChat, Telegram and Signal features such as competitors make the difference. Like WhatsApp, Telegram disappearing message feature working on it.

WhatsApp working on disappearing message feature

The importance of security and privacy issues in messaging applications, whose place in our lives is increasing day by day, is also given great importance. Telegram users have been using for a long time. disappearing message featureIt has been leaked that it will soon be available within WhatsApp.

In the past days, some claims about the feature in question have begun to be shared. Screenshot of disappearing message feature discovered by WaBetaInfo. While the deletion times of the messages were determined by the users when the feature was first created, a different path will apparently be followed now. For now, it is a mystery when the feature in question will be active. This feature of the company Android, iOS, Web and Desktop announced that it will activate its applications.

Some of the explanations about the new feature are as follows:

  • People using the disappearing messages feature 7 days If your WhatsApp application does not open in it, the messages will be lost directly. However, the preview of messages may still appear in notifications.
  • When you quote a message while using the disappearing message feature, it may still appear in the quoted section even if the original message is deleted.
  • When the disappearing message feature is forwarded to an inactive chat, the message from the other chat remains even if the original message is deleted.
  • When the chat containing the lost messages is backed up, all the messages are in the backup. However, when restoring from backup, the lost messages are deleted.

An official article on the popular messaging platform that wants to answer the question marks in mind. published. Here are the details of the feature:

”You can send timed messages via WhatsApp by activating the timed messages feature. When this feature is enabled, new messages sent in an individual or group chat will disappear after seven days. The most recent selection you make will apply to all messages in the chat.

This setting does not affect messages you have already sent or received in chat. In individual chats, both users can enable or disable timed messages. In group chats, timed messages can only be enabled or disabled by group admins.’

What do you think about this feature that has been talked about and leaked? disappearing messages Do you think the step taken by WhatsApp is correct? You can share your thoughts by commenting below.

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