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WhatsApp Postponed Privacy Agreement for 3 Months!

WhatsAppannounced that it will enter into force as of February 8, 2021. confidentiality agreementHe moved the date of the date forward by 3 months to May 15th. The announcement was made through his official Twitter account. WhatsApp delayed its privacy agreement for 3 months.

WhatsApp Postponed Privacy Agreement for 3 Months!

WhatsApp pushed the date of the new confidentiality agreement, which it announced to come into effect as of February 8, 2021, forward by 3 months to May 15. WhatsApp, which made a statement about the confidentiality agreement in the past weeks, received a lot of reaction from its users.

Even though he made statements that data is still protected in the following days, especially its users in Turkey started to delete WhatsApp with a big campaign. After this wave of immigration, WhatsApp made a new statement on its Twitter account.

Popular messaging platform WhatsApp still continues to maintain its spot on the agenda after its statement. WhatsApp, which started to lose its users flocking after the new contract on privacy, brought users to its competitors.

In this process, applications such as Bip, Telegram, Signal and Dedi received the most users. The applications, which gained millions of users after the developments, increased their advertisements on social media platforms.

Although it is said that WhatsApp has shot itself in the foot with its new confidentiality agreement, it is not possible to completely remove this agreement at the moment. So what do you think about the steps that the popular platform is taking? You can share your thoughts with us and other readers by commenting below.

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