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WhatsApp Suspended for 3 Months! Critical Decision from Germany

Today, when the topic of data collection is mentioned, one of the first things that comes to mind is Facebook. The popular social media giant is in trouble with Apple’s security policies. Besides, he is now having trouble with Germany. WhatsApp Suspended for 3 Months!

The social media giant was stuck with German laws shortly before it presented its new user agreement. In addition to this, he was sentenced because of the situation in question, on the grounds that he had no legal basis. company for 3 months WhatsApp will not be able to collect personal data via

WhatsApp suspended for 3 months

WhatsApp Suspended for 3 Months

According to the German legislator, he stated that WhatsApp’s new user agreement has no legal basis. Facebook found guilty for 3 months WhatsApp in Germany prohibited from processing data obtained through

Johannes Caspar He did an explanation. He stated that there is not sufficient legal basis for Facebook to process user data. Furthermore, “This prohibition order aims to secure the rights and freedoms of millions of users across Germany who have consented to the terms of use.” used the phrases.

Caspar, using the extraordinary powers found in the Statute, Facebook, WhatsApp stated that it will force it to suspend user data for three months. He also noted that during this time, he would ask the European Union to take a general decision on user data.

Facebook recently made a statement condemning Caspar’s allegations. In addition, stating that the problem was only caused by a misunderstanding, the company added that the ban was an unfair practice. So what do you think about these developments? You can express your thoughts by commenting below.

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