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WhatsApp User Agreement Has Ended!

Popular social media application WhatsApp has offered a contract for its users in the past months. New user agreement insists on staying firm. However, it did not give information about what kind of sanctions it will still impose on users who do not accept the contract. WhatsApp User Agreement Has Ended!

Last Day for WhatsApp User Agreement May 15

popular company, in December 2020 made a statement about the new contract. After his statement, he was subjected to harsh criticism by his users. After the incident, which drew the reaction of governments and especially users, it had to take a step back.

Facebook The application, which belongs to the roof company, has been around since December. 150 million active usersor have. However, after the new contract was announced, most of the users who deleted the WhatsApp application in question reinstalled the application.

A WhatsApp spokesperson said, “The vast majority of users that WhatsApp notified about the renewed user agreement accepted the update. Our app continues to grow. Users who did not accept the agreement on May 15 No sanctions are applied.” used the phrases.

It is estimated that users who do not accept the agreement in the near future will not be able to use some features of the application. Thanks to WhatsApp’s privacy policy changed in 2016 phone numbers and device information There is a situation of sharing certain sensitive data such as Facebook with Facebook.

Some users say that if WhatsApp implements the rules, they will not use any products belonging to Facebook. Facebook has a data privacy issue with Apple. In addition, he continues to work on obtaining data from both the user agreement and other applications.

So what do you think about this subject? Are you using the WhatsApp application? You can share your views and thoughts with us and our readers by commenting below.

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