When are Ekpss disabled assignments?

DISABLED ASSIGNMENTS CHANGE IN THE DATE The Ministry shared on Twitter, “Planned to be held on February 8, 2022. disabled public institutions of our citizens. assignment The ceremony was postponed to 17 February 2022. It is announced to the public with our respect.”Feb 11, 2565 BE

EKPSS assignment when 2022?

EKPSS The critical week has been entered for the election results. February 8 2022 expected to be made available to candidates on EKPSS The results will be announced this week due to the decision taken. According to the statement made by the Ministry of Family and Social Services, the appointment of disabled people will take place on Thursday, February 17.

When will EKPSS 2022 Assignment Results Be Announced?

EKPSS: Disabled Public Personnel Selection Exam Candidates, placement to the results February 17 2022 They will be able to learn from ÖSYM’s ​​internet address with their TR ID numbers and candidate passwords as of 12.45 on

When is the 2022 disabled EKPSS draw?

2022 DISABLED PUBLIC PERSONNEL SELECTION EXAM EKPSS/LOTS APPLICATION PROCESS E-KPSS applications will be made between 27 January – 15 February, and late application deadlines will be between 9-10 March. TO-draw Applications will be made between April 28 and May 17, and late applications will be made between June 7 and 8.

When is the recruitment of disabled civil servants in 2022?

Candidates can submit their applications for the draw from ÖSYM application centers on May 17. 2022 until the end of working hours or from the ÖSYM Candidate Transactions System ​​and the ÖSYM Candidate Transactions Mobile Application on May 17 2022 They will be able to make the date until 23:59.

2022 EKPSS how many people will be taken?

EKPSShas the distinction of being the exam in which the highest number of examiners will take part in proportion to the number of candidates who will participate in the exam. 68 thousand 90 for the exam in which 95 thousand 17 candidates will attend. person will take charge.

When will EKPSS 3 preferences be in 2022?

Candidates, 2022EKPSS/Place of Disabled Public Personnel by Draw Choice They will be able to access the guide from the link below, starting at 11.30 am. Candidates choose their preferences, 05 – 14 January 2022 they will be able to do between

2022 EKPSS how many people were appointed?

The Ministry of Family and Social Services, which carries out activities to increase the employment opportunities of the disabled, 2022 disabled officer of the year assignment set the schedule. With today’s draw 2022 In 2018, 2 thousand 927 disabled civil servants were appointed to the public.

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