When is pasture vaccination done?

VaccineIt is applied in female sheep 3-4 weeks before the ram is added. For pregnant sheep, until 3 weeks before birth. makes.

When is 9 mixed vaccine made in sheep?

For calves, 3-4 months after birth; The first dose is applied to lambs and kids 2 months after birth. A single dose re-administration per year is recommended. pregnant cattle, pregnant sheep and pregnant goats in the last period of pregnancy as two doses with 3-4 week intervals.

When is the agalaxia vaccine given?

-It is applied once every 6 months against udder pain and whitening and burrs in the eyes in sheep and goats. To get healthy and continuous milk AGALAXIA VACCINE is essential.

How is the agalaxia vaccine administered?

Before use, it should be injected after being warmed to room temperature and shaken well. VaccineIt is administered to sheep and goats, including pregnant women, by IM / SC route from the neck at a dose of 2 ml. Important warnings: Should only be done to healthy animals.

When is the Agalaxia vaccine given in sheep?

3. Month and above sheep and goats with Goat Lung pain agalaxia vaccine ( MILK KICKER DISEASE) makes.

What is VBR Colimix 9?

VBR Colmix 9 For Animal Health Use Only Combined Clostridial Escherichia coli bacterin toxoid vaccine.

What are mixed vaccines?

5s combination vaccine; It is a vaccine against a bacteria that can cause diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, inactive polio (inactive polio), hemophilus influenzae B, pneumonia, middle ear inflammation and meningitis.

What is agalaxia?

Agalaxia or weaner’s disease is a contagious disease of sheep and goats with mastitis, arthritis, keratoconjunctivitis and rarely abortion. Morbidity can reach 30–60%, mortality can reach 70%, especially in young people. Newborns acquire this disease with the causative contaminated colostrum.

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