When is winter wheat harvested?

Has the 2021 wheat base price been determined?

Last year, President Erdoğan announced the purchase price of bread wheat as 2 thousand 250 liras per ton on May 17, 2021.

What month is the End of Blend?

Wheat harvest and blending is done in June, July and August in our country. In these months, in some regions, at the beginning of the harvest, harvest festivals and celebrations take place.

What month is the threshing month?

August is the 8th month of the year in the Gregorian Calendar and has 31 days. In Turkish, this month is also called “Harman month” or “Lobut month”. In some places, this month is also called “Sickle month” like “July”.

In which month is the wheat harvested?

Wheat When reaped? Wheat sown in autumn is harvested between May and August.

How many times a year is the wheat harvested?

per year Thanks to the rapid breeding unit that can produce 6 products, the quality and productive bread that Turkey needs wheat seed, 7-8 per year can be registered.

When is winter wheat planted?

cultivation depth 4-6 cm. should be between – Early Sowing Time between 15 OCTOBER – 15 NOVEMBER – Normal Sowing Time between 15 NOVEMBER – 15 DECEMBER – Late Sowing Time between 15 DECEMBER – 15 JANUARY The highest yield was obtained from wheat sown in normal sowing time.

When does the wheat become a spike?

Wheat The periods when the plant needs water or consumes the most water are the stem, spike and milk production periods. Pick-up occurs at the end of March, the spike at the beginning of April, and the milking occurs at the beginning of May.

Has the 2022 wheat harvest started?

strategically important nutrient wheatin the shadow of serious problems in the freight that has emerged with the effects of increasing climate change in recent years and the Russia-Ukraine war. 2022 season to the harvest started.

How much wheat comes out of 1 acre field?

From one acre to 750 kilos with irrigation and good weather conditions and quality seed and fertilization wheat receivable. There are also areas up to 1000 kilos depending on the climate and land structure, although it is rare.

When does the wheat harvest end?

In Turkey wheat harvest It generally starts from Çukurova in the south in the first days of June, intensifies in Thrace and Central Anatolia Regions in July, and ends in the Eastern Anatolia region in August.

How many kg of wheat does 1 acre yield?

world average wheat Its yield reaches 327 kilograms per decare. In developed countries wheat yield is not less than 500 kilograms per decare. Bread, which was 16 million 510 thousand tons in 2006 wheat Pasta with a production of 18 million 500 thousand tons and 3 million 500 thousand wheat production increased to 4 million 100 thousand tons.

How many kg of wheat is planted on 1 acre of land?

In normal conditions, in machine sowing, 16-18 per decare kg While the seed is sufficient, an average of 25 – 30 with spreading sowing kg of wheat the seed is sown.

How to get the highest yield in wheat?

As a general information wheat over 600 kg per decare in agriculture yield Nitrogen between 12-14 kg/da and phosphorus doses between 4-5 kg/da are sufficient to obtain balanced fertilization. Phosphorus fertilizers should be applied to the soil at or before planting.

What are the wheat prices?

Name of the product Least Most
BREAD BREAD WHEAT (1st GROUP) 7,000 7,100
BREAD BREAD WHEAT (2nd GROUP) 6,800 6,900

What is the base price of wheat?

Turkish Grain Board is purchasing barley per ton this year. price It has been determined as 6 thousand TL in total, including 5500 TL and 500 TL premium. Our farmers who give their products to TMO will be able to benefit from the premium payment.

How many kilograms of wheat does 1 acre of land yield?

With irrigation and good weather conditions and quality seeds and fertilization from an acre up to 750 kilos wheat receivable. from the acre Although rare, there are areas up to 1000 kilos depending on the climate and land structure.

Does wheat make money?

500 kg per acre wheat If you do, your income will decrease to 25,000 TL. Wheat If you buy consumables such as seeds and fertilizers, your income will decrease to 35,000 TL. Quality wheat If you cannot produce and do not include it in the farmer registration system and sell it to the trader, your income will decrease to 30.000 TL.

Which wheat is the most productive?

Emphasizing that the “Hüseyinbey” seed is an indication that Turkish breeders have reached the end of their goal of crossing the one-ton limit for years, Eser said, “Previously, a local and national variety, Hüseyinbey, broke the record for the highest yield in our country with 1200 kilograms under farmer conditions.

Which fertilizer is good for wheat?

It can be provided with potassium sulfate, magnesium sulfate, sulfur or 15.15.15 compound fertilizers at doses of 1-4 kg/da in dry conditions and 1-6 kg/da in wet conditions.

What was the 2022 wheat prices?

Turkish Grain Board (TMO) 2022 year wheat and barley purchase their prices updated. Accordingly, bread wheat purchase price It was increased from 6050 liras to 6450 liras, and barley from 5500 liras to 5700 liras. Farmers who give their products to TMO will benefit from increased new purchase prices.

What will be the wheat prices in 2022?

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Vahit Kirişci, TİGEM’s certified seed sales their prices announced. Pasta wheat your seedbed price 2022It increased by 218 percent to 10.5 Turkish Liras.

How many tons of wheat come out of 5 acres of field?

Irrigation and good weather conditions and quality seeds and fertilization per acre up to 750 kilos wheat receivable. from the acre Although rare, there are areas up to 1000 kilos depending on the climate and land structure.

What is the 2022 wheat purchase price?

2022 TMO purchase prices as follows (TL/Ton): Group) additional 100 TL per ton price By expressing that it will be given, hard bread wheat price of 6 thousand 150 liras per ton, pasta wheat It was stated that the price of barley will be 6 thousand 600 liras per ton, and 5 thousand 600 liras per ton.

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