Which of the Next Generation Consoles is Better?

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2020 and 2021 The year was a very rich year for gamers, brand new games were produced, revolutionary hardware was introduced in the game and computer world, and finally, the new generation consoles stepped into the game world.
These consoles are now raising the bar 1 click higher in many games.2K,4K , 8K‘ Resolution and minimum 60fps‘ he promised experience.

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Microsoft In this process, it took firm steps and introduced 2 new generation consoles, of which Xbox Series X On paper and judging by the user experience, it now takes its place in the game world as the most powerful console, the other member of the series. Xbox Series S It is a member of the series that has a slightly more user-friendly pricing, which has been reduced from the hardware features.

MicrosoftUndoubtedly its biggest competitor SONY , SONY Xbox Series X and Series Swhich has a new generation console by attracting greater attention than Playstation 5introduced the .

Playstation 5 on paper, according to many game lovers Xbox Series XIt is a model that lags behind , so the players have a difficult question to answer , which one should we buy ?

If big budget games are not important to you and you just want to have fun at certain times, you should definitely get the model ‘Xbox Series S‘, our answer on this issue is quite clear. Xbox Series S no matter how price-performance-oriented it is, it is still strong and provides very good performances in every game. Playstation 4 ProMuch better option than .

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However, if you are looking for a performance that is closer to the computer experience rather than the performance side of the job and your equipment in this direction is suitable for you to use the console, you should definitely buy the console.Xbox Series X‘ especially gamepass A very sensible option when there is such a blessing.
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As a last option, if you are a player who likes big-budget games and game prices are not important to you in this direction, of course, your choice will naturally be natural. Playstation 5 should be. Playstation 5 in terms of gameplay and content Xbox Series XA platform ahead of. although Microsoft even though they set up their own game studios and make their own custom productions SONY It is a clear and clear fact that it does not make as much noise as his productions. SONYThe brands that have made .

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In summary, new generation consoles are products that can be purchased completely according to the type of use, and there are positive and negative features that distinguish each console from the other. For example, if you are someone who does not like batteries and you want to charge my game controller, you do not want to spend money on the battery, you can eliminate the Xbox models. Or I can’t pay 500-600 TL for a game. If you say Gamepass is a more suitable platform, you can eliminate Playstation 5. Such comparisons will give you the correct answer.

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