Who is Asli Tandogan, height and weight?

Asli tandogan height and weight 1.63 m tall asli tandogan 53 kilo.25-Jul-2019

How tall is Asli Tandogan?

1.63 mAslı Tandoğan / Height

How old is Asli Tandogan, how tall is she?

Asli TandoganHe was born on April 2, 1979 in Ankara. Turkish TV series, cinema, theater actor and harp player. Length: 1.63 m.

Where is Asli Tandogan?

Born in 1979 in Ankara Asli TandoganAfter graduating from Hacettepe University State Conservatory Harp Department, he worked as a harpist in Antalya Opera. Tandogan He started acting in 2002 with the TV series Gülüm.

How many times has Asli Tandogan been married?

Actress who got married to Cahit Tan Yeşilada in 2014 Asli Tandogan second times She is happy to be a mother. Request Asli Tandogan Curious about…

How much does Asli Tandogan weigh?

1.63 m tall asli tandogan 53 kilo.

Who is Asli Tandogan’s wife?

Cahit Tan YeşiladaAslı Tandoğan / Spouse (d. 2013)

Who is Asli Tandogan’s father?

Cumhur TandoğanAslı Tandoğan / His father

Where does Asli Tandogan live?

Where does Asli Tandogan live? The famous actress, who started a new life in Riva, away from the city after the birth of her 19-month-old son Atlas, said in her interview: “I preferred to live far from the city in order to cope with the stress factors in our life.

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