Who is Colak teacher?

He completed his primary and secondary education in Zonguldak. Colak In 1980, he enrolled in Ankara University Faculty of Agriculture, where he is currently the Dean. Graduated Professor Colak He received the titles of Agricultural Engineer in 1986, Doctor in 1990, Associate Professor in 1995 and Professor in 2002.

Which university is Fatih Çollak at?

He graduated from Istanbul Higher Islamic Institute. Marmara University He earned his PhD in Tafsir at the Faculty of Theology. When he came to Istanbul from his hometown Erzurum, he was the student of Reisü’l-Kurra Hendekli Hafiz Abdurrahman Gürses Hocaefendi. ÇollakToday, it is counted among its most important representatives.

How old is Fatih Çollak, a hafiz?

Hafiz Fatih Çollak He was born in Erzurum in 1954. Nine year old hafiz it happened.

In which mosque is Fatih Çollak?

While I was graduating from school and continuing to work as a teacher of the Qur’an at the Directorate of Religious Affairs Bolu Education Center, which was my first duty, my teacher’s recitation education also came to an end, and Beyazıt was under his leadership. mosqueI got the license with the ceremony held in .

Who is Abdurrahman Gürses Briefly?

Born in Sakarya Hendek in 1909 GursesHe completed his memorization in his father Said Efendi. Gurses then he came to Hendek for training and tecvit training, and then to Istanbul. Receiving the science of recitation from Hasan Fehmi Efendi in Istanbul GursesHe achieved the title of “kurra” by completing all his methods and rules.

Who is Fatih Çollak?

The late Reisü’l-Kurra Abdurrahman Gürses Teacherone of the leading students of ÇollakHe retired from his position at Marmara University Faculty of Theology in 2007.

What channel is Fatih Çollak on?

Assoc. dr. fatih chollak ; channel The person who reads the Qur’an at 7 am every morning between 6 and 7 and is also visible in the lower left corner. gives pleasure to the listener.

Is Fatih Çollak Kurra Hafiz?

FIRST STEP TO MEMORY. After gaining the necessary -recitation infrastructure- to start memorization in the lessons of reading the Qur’an on his face, which lasted for a year, he started to be hafiz in 1961 and at the age of seven, and his Bed’-i basmala was with Efe Hodja.

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