Windows 10 hangs when Debug Mode is enabled

Debugging mode is an advanced troubleshooting option in Windows that helps to find and resolve errors in the system. Once enabled, system administrators can use it to connect with debuggers like Windows Debugger (or WinDbg) tool. However, some users face this issue where Windows 10 hangs when debug mode is enabled. If you are also facing this problem, then this post can help you fix it.

This problem may occur when debugging mode is enabled permanently or for a long time and it is not connected with a debugger tool. Debug mode should only be enabled when you need to connect with the debugger tool to troubleshoot and you should turn it off once the purpose is served. If debug mode remains idle, the system keeps waiting for the debugger, and it can result in a system hang. So, to resolve such an issue, you just need to disable debug mode when your work is done. This post can will help you how to do that.

Windows 10 hangs when debug mode is enabled

To solve this problem, you can disable debug mode using these two built-in options of Windows 10:

  1. Using System Configuration
  2. Using Command Prompt.

Let’s check these two options.

1] Using System Configuration

use System Configuration

System Configuration tool (or MSConfig) in Windows 10 lets you access and use many important options like startup selection, BOOT Advanced options, disable Microsoft services, etc. It is also helpful in disabling debug mode. Here are the steps:

  1. Click on the Search box of Windows 10
  2. Type msconfig or system configuration
  3. Press Enter key
  4. Access Boot tab in System Configuration window
  5. Uncheck Debug option in BOOT Advanced Options window
  6. Press OK button
  7. Click on Apply button
  8. Click on the OK button
  9. Restart your computer.

After that, your system should work fine.

2] Using Command Prompt

use Command Prompt

Follow these steps:

Run Command Prompt as an administrator

Execute the following command:

bcdedit -debug off

Restart your computer.

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Now when you will log in to your Windows 10 computer, it shouldn’t hang and the mouse, applications, and other windows should run properly.

Hope this helps.

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