Windows Installer Error 1619 on Windows 10

Some of the Windows 10 users are experiencing Windows Installer Error 1619, whenever they are trying to install an application using Windows installer infrastructure. This is happening only when they are trying to install certain applications. In this guide, we explain why error 1619 occurs and the methods to fix the error.

Why does Windows Installer Error 1619 occur?

Whenever the installer file or package cannot be opened, your computer will show Windows Installer Error 1619. The command may be incorrect or the .msi file in the command line of the policy is incorrectly referenced.

Fix Windows Installer Error 1619

There are four ways to fix Windows Installer error 1619 on Windows 10. They are:

  1. Install .NET 4.8 Framework
  2. Check if the Deployment Command is Compatible
  3. Redownload the Installation package
  4. Contact the Software Vendor

Let’s deep dive into the fixes and know how they are done.

1] Install .NET 4.8 Framework

Microsoft .NET Framework

.NET 4.8 Framework is essential for some applications to run. It comes by default on Windows 10. There are occasions where the user has to install it manually. While trying to install such programs, some download and install the .NET framework automatically and some do not. Installing .NET 4.8 Framework manually might fix the error.

You can download and install the .NET 4.8 Framework from microsoft.com.

After the installation, restart your computer and try installing the program you were trying to install. The error might be fixed by now and it should run fine. If not, try the next method.

2] Check if the Deployment Command is Compatible

If you are on a network and facing the error 1619, there might be huge chances that the deployment command is not compatible. You just have to make sure that the commands are correct and compatible. Also, make sure the .msi file command line is correctly referenced. In. This might solve the error on the computer and let you install the program without a hassle.

3] Redownload the Installation package

If none of the above methods work in fixing error 1619, then checking the installation file is the last resort. Try installing it on another computer. If the same problem occurs, there might be a chance that the file is corrupted or the necessary file in the package is missing. Download the program installation package again and try to install it.

4] Contact the Software Vendor

If the error still persists, then you have to contact the vendor of the program with the issue. There might be some programming or developer issues that are resulting in error 1619. They will make sure your error is fixed.

This is how you can fix Windows Installer Error 1619 on Windows 10. If you have suggestions or doubts, do comment below in the comments section.

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